Finishing School Free Training Program Featured

"FREE Training" Program with Certification

On Graphics, Animation, VFX and Website design to Digital Marketing

Students work on Real World Projects, with knowledge of Freelance Business.
This Program helps students to gain knowledge from Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Marketing & Distribution, This will help them to run their own Freelance business and to get there dream job.

Note: Students will be working on the projects according to the company requirement. 1st-month we observe, the 2nd month we start giving training, Once they are ready to design according to the client requirement they will start earning the stipend.

Students will be eligible for Free classes on:

  • Free Drawing to painting classes, on weekends.
  • Free Animation classes, on training period.
  • Free Film making classes, on and after internship training.
  • Free Website Design to Web Hosting classes with website business training, on and after internship training.

Eligibility: Should have completed Media course in any respected Institute or College.
Duration: Minimum 6 months.

Call: +91 9986068792 / 9480158819

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