VRZ is located in Bengaluru and is happy to offer its expertise for Seminars, Advanced Coaching, Workshops, Guest Faculties for Corporate Office, Schools and Colleges. Topics on Art of Creative thinking, Artistic skills in Drawing, Painting, Calligraphy, CG Computer Graphics, Digital Art, 2D & 3D Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Website design to Hosting, Photography, Cinematography and other Art forms by Top level Experienced Faculties. We pride ourselves on setting up our clients for success and are sure that you will leave our sessions more prepared than you have ever been before.

Our training sessions are meticulously planned by our trainers and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Training sessions will be comprised of activities and lectures.



Arts film Academy also focuses on success of students through engaging them in learning Traditional and Digital methods. Courses are carved to  Make them an Artist right from childhood in building their career. Thus helping them to become Masters of creative thinking in fields of Artistic skills, from previsualization to production in film making.

Art Classes for Kids on Weekend and Regular Classes at our location and Advance Coaching for students and Professionals.

Our weekend Drawing Classes are open to children who have a passion for drawing and who are able to commit to attending a weekend class. The Drawing Classes are led by professional artists and experienced in teaching children.

These classes Brings out the most innovative side of a Child. Kids will learn various new things by doing things that were not explored before.

Seminars, Advanced Coaching, Workshops, Guest Faculties for Corporate Office, Schools and Colleges. 



The Art of Creative Thinking

12 Sem for Artist:

  1. ​Foundation of Drawing
  2. Art of colouring
  3. Art of cartooning
  4. ​Decorative Art
  5. Art of Painting 
  6. Stylized Art
  7. Realism Art
  8. Creative Art
  9. Comic book Art
  10. Photography
  11. Stop motion animation ​
  12. Film Making​-Pre production

Computer Classes:

  • Digital Art, Photography, Film Editing...
  • Web Design to Hosting
  • Basic to Advanced Courses and more...

Computer Graphics:

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We are here to help you for your Projects & Showreels in 2D, 3D Animation, VFX, Film Making and other CG classes like Art of Creative thinking in Colour Theory, Motion Graphics, Design Balance, Visual Story telling and Design...

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