Clay Modelling Stop Motion Animation

Clay modelling is popular with almost all age groups. The most easily recognized form of sculpting is clay modelling. Learn how to do clay modelling and make exciting clay toys & art with Hobby Ideas. Explore wide variety of clay modelling art and craft ideas for kids and adults.


Drawing Painting Calligraphy

Drawing comes naturally to young children, and is fundamental to their learning, growth, and understanding of the world around them. The Drawing Clubs help children retain and develop these drawing abilities and sustain their enthusiasm for self-expression within an artist-led environment.

Artists and designers use drawing in this way to kick-start their creative thinking, considering the application of drawing and its various uses across disciplines. From the interdisciplinary perspectives of archaeology, Animation, Illustration and landscape architecture, this innovative courses highlights how drawing is used in the professional world.

Regular drawing at any age can enhance focus and concentration and increase self-esteem, and this can be especially beneficial. The skills learned can also support students’ pursuit of a wide range of creative subjects in school, film making, Animation industry, further and higher education, and open doors to careers in the arts, design, architecture, and science

What we teach-

  • Drawing using Basic shapes.
  • Drawing Cartooons, Animals and Birds.
  • Pencil Shading/Texturing techniques.
  • Creating backgrounds/layouts
  • Subject/Concept based Drawings
  • Colour theory
  • Colouring techniques with colour pencils and crayons
  • Painting techniques with water colour and Acrylic.
  • Calligraphy - Artistic and Expressive style of writing
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